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For Tigers Fans Only!

Wonderful Stories Celebrating the Incredible Fans of the University of Missouri Tigers


By Bill Althaus,
 Rich Zvosec, and Rich Wolfe

Do you bleed black and gold? Do your palms sweat when you enter Faurot Field, in anticipation of another Missouri football victory? Are your children named Chase, Norm, Gary or Mike? When you hear the term “Antlers,” do you think of the craziest basketball fans in the country, rather than a deer grazing in a cornfield? Does the chant “Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk” make you head for the medicine cabinet to get some antacid for an upset stomach?

If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, For Tigers Fans Only!, is a must-read and sure fire way to keep you occupied when the Tigers are taking a break. It’s the ultimate fan book, because it’s written by the fans. “The fans at Missouri are so special,” legendary Mizzou quarterback Chase Daniel said. “They have always been there for me, and I always wanted to be there for them. They made my time at Missouri something I will never forget.”

From the story of Independence residents Travis and Kristin Scott naming their son after Chase Daniel and having the quarterback hold the baby to the tale of Frank Wrisinger who passed away from Parkinson’s disease and was buried in his favorite black and gold gear- its all here in For Tigers Fans Only!. This is a book you will cherish and who knows, you might even find a story or vignette about your favorite Missouri sports moment in the book.

For Tigers Fans Only!
Wonderful Stories Celebrating the Incredible Fans of the University of Missouri Tigers
By Bill Althaus,

Rich Zvosec, and Rich Wolfe

Bill Althaus is an award-winning columnist for The Examiner in Jackson County, Missouri. The Simone Award Committee named him the media personality of the year in 2006 and presented him with the Gordon Docking Award. He followed that honor with the Morris Excellence in Journalism Award in 2007. The Independence, Missouri, native has also been honored by the Missouri Press Association, the Associated Press, and United Press International.

Rich Zvosec (pronounced zuh-VOH-sick) is a successful television basketball analyst, speaker, and author. He was also a successful college basketball coach at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Coach Z was named the Northeast Conference Coach of the Year in 1990 and Mid-Continent Conference, the College Insider, and CBS Sportsline Coach of the Year in 2005. This is his third book.

Rich Wolfe is the author of more than 25 books, which have sold well over a million copies in the United States. Wolfe has authored the best-selling books in the history of Notre Dame and the Chicago Cubs. The Iowa native is the only person to appear on both Jeopardy! and ESPN’s Two-Minute Drill. In 2006, he was inducted as one of Leahy’s Lads at Notre Dame.
6" x 9", hardcover

October 2009

*Cover subject to change

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