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Texas Stadium

America's Home Field


Reliving the Legends and the Legendary Moments
By Mac Engel

Foreword by Roger Staubach

Built in 1971 for $35 million, Texas Stadium was an engineering marvel that generated curiosity because of its hole in the roof. It is now recognized as much a part of America’s Team as the blue star on the Cowboys’ silver helmets. With its use of luxury suites, the hole in the roof and the focus on cheerleaders, Texas Stadium was ahead of its time, and it was made complete by housing one of the most successful NFL franchises. The 2008 season, however, will be the last for Texas Stadium as the Cowboys prepare to move into a new facility.

The facility has seen some of the most memorable moments in the illustrious franchise’s 48-year history, from countless Thanksgiving Day games to NFC championships, to Emmitt Smith’s recordbreaking run. It has housed some of Texas high school football’s most bizarre games, as well as serving as the home field for SMU’s glory day teams of the 1980s and an NFL Pro Bowl game. It was also the backdrop for Hollywood films such as “Any Given Sunday.” But “The Hole in the Roof” will be ultimately remembered as the home of the Dallas Cowboys.

Texas Stadium: America’s Home Field, Reliving the Legends and the Legendary Moments is a fun history lesson for Cowboys fans, as well as a bath of nostalgia for all lovers of America’s Team.

Texas Stadium
America's Home Field
By Mac Engel

Mac Engel currently covers the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys for the "Fort Worth Star-Telegram". He has also covered the Texas Rangers and Dallas Stars, the Summer Olympics, NHL Stanley Cup Finals, NBA Finals and the Super Bowl. Mac has written several travel stories, movie and book reviews and other non-sports related stories. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in journalism from the University of Kansas in 1995 and a master’s degree from Texas Christian University in 1998, and has worked in the media relations departments at both Missouri State University and TCU. He currently is an adjunct professor at the Bob Schieffer School of Journalism at TCU. This is his second book.
6" x 9" hardcover with color dust jacket

September 2008

*Cover subject to change

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