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Not Going Anywhere:  How Cancer Turned the Rest of My Life Into the Best of My Life $16.95

By Tim Grimes
 with Jennifer McDaniel
Foreword by Kansas City Chiefs All-Pro Eric Berry

Softcover, includes a 16-page enamel 4C photo insert

At only 28 years old, Tim Grimes was facing cancer.

A few weeks earlier, he had an unsuspecting mole removed from his back. Even the doctor told him it was nothing to worry about. But biopsy results indicated something much worse than anyone had anticipated. Tests confirmed the mole was the deadliest form of skin cancer. Melanoma.

And just like that, his carefree life came to a halt. There was a 95 percent chance Grimes would be dead within the next 18 months. The cancer had already metastasized and was silently infiltrating his liver, lungs, spine, brain and holding them hostage.

In his memoir, Grimes tells his story and shares the lessons he’s learned during a journey of ups and downs while facing unimaginable odds.

Grimes saw his diagnosis as an opportunity to educate and entertain friends through social media while documenting his journey. Soon he was gaining followers and attracting the attention of local media, and eventually building friendships with professional athletes and Hollywood celebrities. But for him, the most important people he met were fellow cancer warriors, each of whom left an indelible impression on him.

Not Going Anywhere offers hope to anyone dealing with a life-threatening illness or caring for someone who is ill. Grimes uses his unique brand of humor and personal experiences to illustrate his journey from diagnosis to treatment to simply taking life one day at a time.

Through the kindness of strangers and the comfort and support of lifelong friends, Grimes found the strength to not let cancer dictate how his story would end. With surprising honesty, he openly examines how the life-changing experience also took him on a journey of discovery, learning just how strong he really could be in the face of overwhelming odds. In his light-hearted way, Grimes shows us that what could have been the darkest time of his life had turned into moments he would never forget.

Not Going Anywhere
How Cancer Turned the Rest of My Life Into the Best of My Life
By Tim Grimes

with Jennifer McDaniel

Tim Grimes is a proud Kansas Citian and a graduate of Shawnee Mission East High School in Prairie Village, Kan. Faced with the harsh reality of having just months to live, Tim took his cancer diagnosis in stride and decided to live life to the fullest. After receiving endless support from family and friends, Tim wanted to pay it forward by helping others and giving back to his community. Tim and his dog, Dexter, are now part of the Pet Pals program at Children’s Mercy Kansas City, a top-ranked pediatric hospital. He is also involved in several other organizations, including raising funds for the American Cancer Society. A natural storyteller, Tim uses his experience as a chance to share his journey and inspire those around him no matter the battle they face in life.

Jennifer McDaniel is a journalist who has spent much of her life writing for Kansas-based newspapers and publications. Her work has been honored by the Kansas Press Association, the Kansas City Press Club, the Kansas Farm Bureau Association and the University of Kansas. An Okie by birth, Jennifer grew up in Coffeyville, Kan., and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in print journalism from Kansas State University. Jennifer lives in Paola, Kan., with her husband, Jason, and son, Connor. This is her first book.
5.25 x 8.25

Memoir, Cancer
July 2018

US $16.95 Canada $19.95
*Cover subject to change

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