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Every day your customers are changing the channel, turning the page, clicking through a screen and driving past your message. It may be time to consider licensing your brand to increase your brand equity and improve your bottom line. A professionally managed and targeted licensing program can be an integral component of your overall marketing program. The most effective campaigns engage your target on their turf…when they make choices. Over 75% of Fortune 100 companies count on a strong licensing program to keep their brand strong and visible, and gain an extra competitive advantage. PowerHouse integrates your brand message into your customers’ life, building brand loyalty and momentum for your products.

At PowerHouse we focus on getting more TURF for your brand…Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency. We design and develop disciplined AND strategic licensing programs that reach your consumers where they shop, in their home or business and at play. We work to increase consumer awareness and enhance the value of your brand in both new and existing markets. Our clients gain another stream of revenue without the high risks associated with launching a new product.

Building your brand’s mindshare is the goal. A strong brand equity builds your relationship with consumers. A successful trademark licensing program will extend your brand equity and increase your market share. A successfully carried out and professionally managed trademark licensing program can yield significant long-term profits that go straight to your bottom line.

PowerHouseOur Power Plan
  • Extend your brand
  • Enhance your brand
  • Build your brand for the future
  • Build your brand for long-term use
  • Develop a winning strategy
  • Manage successful implementation

"You must have mindshare before you can have marketshare." — Christopher M. Knight

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