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"Customers buy for their reasons, not yours." — Orvel Ray Wilson

Today's consumer is busier and has more choices than ever before in all facets of their life. Hundreds of television channels, thousands of print publications, multitudes of video games and movies, and dozens of leisure time hobbies and activities have made it diffucult for traditional advertising mediums to effectively reach your customer. PowerHouse analyzes and studies your marketign programs to determine cost-effective and even revenue-generating means to reach more of your customers... delivering results and return on investment that goes straight through to your bottom line.

PowerHouse has the resources to develop and manage a wide range of publicity and promotional plans. Our team has long-standing relationships with key members of local and national media.

PowerHouse will create a publicity plan that will spark media exposure and create excitement for your product, brand, service, or campaign. We will assist in defining your audience, setting goals, and establishing objectivees with Trade, Consumer, and Internet media—whichever is right for you.

We will explore the newsworthy trends or aspects that will get your efforts noticed by the editors, reporters, or producers who will take this message to interested readers, listeners, and viewers.

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  • Strategic Planning
  • Copy Writing
  • Design
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"People don't want to be 'marketed TO'; they want to be 'communicated WITH'." — Flint McGlaughlin

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