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Welcome to PowerHouse

Marketing, Trademark Licensing, Publishing and Representation specialists with a track record serving high-profile national brands, personalities, manufacturers, and retailers.

A multi-dimensional approach that builds brand equity, reaches potential customers and motivates brand loyalty.

In the current business environment it is vital to have high quality, long-term partnerships. At PowerHouse we provide our clients with professional and personal services.

  • We build an effective forum to communicate your message.
  • We establish goals, objectives, and tactics to reach your customers.
  • We build public awareness for your brand, service, or career.
  • We effectively utilize your assets.

The PowerHouse team of experts provides tactical and creative solutions that apply to multiple aspects of your business.

Choosing the PowerHouse team is an important step toward achieving your goals.

PowerHouse Marketing

"Customers buy for their reasons, not yours." — Orvel Ray Wilson

Today's consumer is busier and has more choices than ever before in all facets of their life. Hundreds of television channels, thousands of print and digital publications, multitudes of social media platforms, and dozens of leisure time hobbies and activities have made it diffucult for traditional advertising mediums to effectively reach your customer. PowerHouse analyzes and studies your marketign programs to determine cost-effective and even revenue-generating means to reach more of your customers... delivering results and return on investment that goes straight through to your bottom line.

PowerHouse has the resources to develop and manage a wide range of publicity and promotional plans. Our team has long-standing relationships with key members of local and national media.

PowerHouse will create a publicity plan that will spark media exposure and create excitement for your product, brand, service, or campaign. We will assist in defining your audience, setting goals, and establishing objectivees with Trade, Consumer, and Internet media—whichever is right for you.

We will explore the newsworthy trends or aspects that will get your efforts noticed by the editors, reporters, or producers who will take this message to interested readers, listeners, and viewers.

PowerHouse Licensing

Every day your customers are changing the channel, turning the page, clicking through a screen, and driving past your message. It may be time to consider licensing your brand to increase your brand equity and improve your bottom line. A professionally managed and targeted licensing program could be an integral component of your overall marketing program. The most effective campaigns engage your target on their turf…when they make choices. Over 75% of Fortune 100 companies count on a strong licensing program to keep their brand strong and visible, and gain an extra competitive advantage. PowerHouse integrates your brand message into your customers’ life, building brand loyalty and momentum for your products.

At PowerHouse we focus on getting more TURF for your brand…Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency. We design and develop disciplined AND strategic licensing programs that reach your consumers where they shop, in their home or business and at play. We work to increase consumer awareness and enhance the value of your brand in both new and existing markets. Our clients gain another stream of revenue without the high risks associated with launching a new product.

Building your brand’s mindshare is the goal. A strong brand equity builds your relationship with consumers. A successful trademark licensing program will extend your brand equity and increase your market share. A successfully carried out and professionally managed trademark licensing program can yield significant long-term profits that go straight to your bottom line.

PowerHouse Publishing

The PowerHouse staff of publishing professionals have influenced decisions on more than 500 books. Being a published author can establish your credentials in your chosen field of expertise. PowerHouse can assist in developing your story or message, teaming you with a qualified collaborator, or representing you to publishers that would be interested in your story.

NOTE: PowerHouse will provide literary management services to qualified and talented writers. We can also assist in establishing goals objectives, and strategies for developing your career based on a successful publishing effort. We do accept unsolicited manuscripts.

Please email all publishing query letters to: (enable javascript). Submissions arriving by mail will not be returned unless accompanied by a return envelope and the proper return postage. Returning of submissions is a courtesy. We will do our best to return your materials, but cannot guarantee it. Please do not send any original artwork or one-of-a-kind items that cannot be replaced.

PowerHouse Representation

At PowerHouse we are excited about the clients we represent. It is our pleasure to represent talented individuals and groups in areas of business, sports, and entertainment. We represent talented new and established authors, collaborators, musicians, photographers, artists, athletes, and celebrities.

Unlike many agencies, the representation team at PowerHouse assists our clients in setting goals, then establishing and working to reach their objectives. We set measureable targets and a specific time frame with a comprehensive action plan. That action plan identifies what needs to be done, when, and how. We will put forth our best efforts to reach our collective objectives.

  • Effective and frequent communication
  • Negotiation and representation
  • Account management updates
  • Product development and approval
  • Contract administration
  • Royalty reporting
  • Appearance bookings and coordination

About PowerHouse

PowerHouse strives to be an asset to individuals and companies alike. Both are building their brand awareness. Both are providing products or services. Both have customers.

At PowerHouse we recognize the world of advertising and marketing is changing. With every increase in processor speed, television channel added, social media platform launched, publication created, or new leisure time activity, your customer is potentially one more degree removed from your message.

Today's marketplace requires that you meet your customers and potential customers on their terms. PowerHouse developes and manages soundly-designed strategic mindshare building programs that reach your customers where they live their lives. Unobtrusively and often by choice, consumers interact with your brand, broadening their relationship with it, and expanding your brand's equity.

PowerHouse's experienced staff has provided trademark licensing, style guide development, sports marketing, market research, digital marketing, professional representation and consulting services to major brands and individuals across the country.

PowerHouse is a results-oriented company that measures its success by the positive return on investment we bring to our clients' bottom line.

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