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Fall 2024

Peanut and Jelly - The Search for Butter

The Search for Butter

by John A. Martucci

Illustrated by LeeAnn Sanders

$17.99 USD / $23.95 CAN
Peanut the pelican and Jelly the jellyfish are a sea-friends duo that explores the ocean. When a turtle hatchling is missing, they must put their skills together to find the little one. You’ll explore the sea with them in a wonderfully fascinating adventure! Their quest just might lead to the creation of one of the greatest trios of all time. Emphasizing the value of friendship, differences, and community, Peanut and Jelly: The Search for Butter is the light-hearted, short story using rhymes that every child can enjoy. This PB&J story will serve to introduce, highlight, and emphasize values for young children while also supporting the conservation of ocean life. This colorfully illustrated story also serves to educate children about values and the importance of conservation. This story subtly hints at turtle conservation, while also emphasizing friendship, community, and acceptance in a world of differences.

This title has a dynamic promotional campaign partnership with the nation’s finest aquariums and conservancies, including Georgia Aquarium.


In a partnership with Georgia Aquarium 


Peanut and Jelly: The Search for Butter is supported by the website which promotes ocean conservation and environmental protection.
Peanut and Jelly - The Search for Butter
Fall 2024

About the Author

John A. Martucci

Author John Martucci has always enjoyed storytelling, music, and theater. Outside of play acting, he was the everyday creator of adventures for his younger brothers. Now, his love for storytelling, the oceans, and its creatures has culminated into children’s book writing. When not writing rhymes and drawing up tales, John is a foot and ankle surgeon practicing in Canton, Georgia. He received an undergraduate degree from Boston College and doctorate from Temple University. He currently lives in Smyrna, GA, with his wife, fellow surgeon, and scuba diving partner, Sam.


LeeAnn Sanders

LeeAnn Sanders was inspired to draw and paint after a trip to Greece in 2011. Since that time, she has developed and honed her skills.  She also creates surface pattern designs and is a licensed artist. Travel and the ocean continue to be her greatest influences. She lives in Harrisburg, SD and the Florida Keys with her husband and her two chocolate labs.


Publication Date
Fall 2024
Hardcover with 4-color dust jacket. Full color illustrations
Trim Size
10.5” x 8.25”
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