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Banner Year!

by Brian Hanni

Relive 2021-22, the Kansas Jayhawks’ NCAA Championship Season

The 2021-22 basketball season is one that Kansas Jayhawk fans will cherish for years to come. To commemorate KU’s run to the NCAA Championship, Kansas Athletics and Ascend Books of Overland Park, Kansas, announce the publication of “Banner Year: The Championship Season of the 2021-22 Kansas Jayhawks.

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Take the Crown!

by Miles Schnaer

KC Area Entrepreneur shares his 18 core principles to grow your business and improve your life

Miles Schnaer has earned a reputation throughout the Heart of America as a successful and philanthropic entrepreneur. Now he shares his story and the values that have shaped his life and career.

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The Best in the Land The Story of Brutus Buckeye

By Paul Keels, the Voice of the Buckeyes. Illustrated by Chad Thompson

A tale of hard work and team spirit for Buckeyes of all ages!

Follow Brutus Buckeye on his journey from nut to beloved mascot in "The Best in the Land" by “Voice of the Buckeyes” Paul Keels. Young Brutus dreams of one day playing football for his favorite team, The Ohio State Buckeyes, and hearing the home crowd cheer for him.

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Baby Jay’s Jayhawk Journey

Written and Illustrated by Jacob Hood

Introducing Baby Jay’s Jayhawk Journey The Ultimate KU Story About What It Means To Be A Jayhawk

"Baby Jay’s Jayhawk Journey" is a fun, easy-to-read story that is told entirely through rhyme about what it means to be a Jayhawk, for Jayhawks of all generations. For younger fans, the book is the perfect introduction to the University and what being a Jayhawk is all about, told through the perspective of Baby Jay.

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Game Maker A Creative Kid Becomes the Father of Basketball

By Brian Hanni, “Voice of the Jayhawks”

Every sports icon was once a kid!

Long before he invented one of the most popular sports of all-time, young James Naismith was an imaginative child. From an early age, James knew he wanted to do something big with his life. He wasn’t sure exactly how, but he wanted to give something to the world that would enrich countless lives.

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Cy’s Perfect Day, The Iowa State Way A Must-Read for Iowa State Fans Young and Old!

by John Walters

A Story of Loyalty and Friendship

As the “Voice of the Cyclones,” John Walters is known for his passion and excitement for Iowa State football. In his much-anticipated children’s book, "Cy’s Perfect Day, The Iowa State Way", Walters shares the pure joy of being a Cyclone fan — win or lose — and how that loyalty makes a win even more special to celebrate together.

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Puppies on Parade

by Julie Snodgrass with Meagan Martucci

Kids are invited to come along and join in the fun in this educational children’s book. "Puppies on Parade, Let’s Learn the States" travels the country and introduces some cute puppy friends along the way. What a great way to learn about our amazing country!

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Bop Bop Dinosaur and Sullen Sally

by Jim “Mr. Stinky Feet” Cosgrove, Illustrated by Christine Schneider

Mr. Stinky Feet releases 2 new children’s books based on his popular songs!

Many parents and grandparents seem to know the name Jim Cosgrove, but they may know him best by his popular nickname - Mr. Stinky Feet. Jim “Mr. Stinky Feet” Cosgrove has been entertaining children for over 25 years. Cosgrove has teamed up with Ascend Books of Overland Park to publish two new and wonderfully illustrated children’s books, Bop Bop Dinosaur (Illustrated by Dana Regan) and Sullen Sally (Illustrated by Christine Schneider.)

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The Thin Line Between Cupcake and Bitch Taking Action, Driving Change, Getting Results

by Joni Wickham with Teresa Bruns Sosinski

Widening the Line: How Women Can Manage and Overcome Gender Biases

With humor and insight illustrating her experiences, communications and leadership strategist, Joni Wickham, shares her advice for navigating gender biases in "The Thin Line Between Cupcake and Bitch, Taking Action, Driving Change, Getting Results" published by Ascend Books.

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Mutt’s Dream: The Making of The Mick

by Howard Burman

“He foresaw the platooning that managers like Casey Stengel used years before it happened. He told me I had to be a switch-hitter if I was going to play.”—Mickey Mantle

Raised during the Great Depression, young Mickey Mantle faced overwhelming odds that he would ever reach the Major Leagues. The chances were even slim that his baseball talents would ever be discovered in the impoverished mining district of northeastern Oklahoma.

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Hermit A Must-Read Adventure Story

by O. Gene Bicknell

An Inspiring Story of Triumph Over Isolation

From author and community advocate O. Gene Bicknell comes "HERMIT", an inspiring story of triumph over isolation. HERMIT is the fictional tale of U.S. Army Ranger Sgt. Jackson Eagle, U.S. Special Forces Ranger and his struggle with the punishing aspects of his isolation, and his fight to overcome it.

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Go Chiefs Go!

by Chris Meggs, illustrated by Rob Peters

Go Chiefs Go! is the book for kids from The Kansas City Chiefs and local publisher Ascend Books

It had been 50 years since Chiefs fans had a chance to celebrate a Super Bowl victory. But through the legendary play of Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes and the grit and determination of his teammates, that moment finally arrived!

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'Twas the Night Before Tipoff

by Chris Meggs, illustrated by Rob Peters

Fastbreak Fun for Kansas Basketball Fans of All Ages

The spirits of legendary coaches and players at The University of Kansas take the court at famed Allen Fieldhouse and come alive one night in “’Twas the Night Before Tipoff” by alumnus Chris Meggs.

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A Passion for Purpose Building Cities for our Children

Kansas City, Missouri, Mayor Sly James’ Autobiography to be Released by Ascend Books

Two-term and hugely popular Kansas City, Missouri, Mayor Sylvester “Sly” James will have his autobiography released this July by Ascend Books. A Passion For Purpose: Building Cities for Our Children offers an account of James’ extraordinary life, including childhood in a working-class all-black neighborhood, a successful stint as lead singer of a rock band, his service in the United States Marines Corps during the Vietnam War era, a highly successful career as an attorney, and ultimately his eight years as mayor of his hometown Kansas City.

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Go Cars Go!

by Mandi Dow

Fun New Children’s Book Debuted At the Kansas City Auto Show

Be sure to join the fun-loving dad and his cute daughter in "Go Cars Go!" while they share the typical experience of leaving home in the family car for school or work and ending the day returning home. But on the way back there are errands to run, fun with family and friends, and a pizza dinner to go! “Cars have always been such a big part of my life. Everyone loves the catchy refrain of Go Cars Go! throughout the book,” says author Mandi Dow.

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Mario Chalmers’ ABCs of Basketball

by Mario Chalmers with Almarie Chalmers

KU Basketball Legend Mario Chalmers shares his love for basketball in children’s book

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Dreaming big, thinking big and playing big has always been a part of Mario Chalmers’ life, and now he’s ready to share his passion for basketball in his new book.

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Merry Menagerie

by Angie Pickman

Nationally Recognized Cut Paper Artist Releases Whimsical Children’s Book

Renowned cut paper artist Angie Pickman has written and beautifully illustrated the new children’s book, "Merry Menagerie, Animal Antics From A to Z" … but it is actually for both children – and adults. “I love nature, creating my art, and kids,” Angie said, “Writing and illustrating Merry Menagerie was a delight!” She shares her art in this visually stunning book of 26 animals paired with objects to introduce early learners to the alphabet.

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Mommy, Please Don’t Go to Work

by Rhiannon Ally. Illustrated by Wendy Lea

Popular National News Anchor Rhiannon Ally has authored a children’s book about a decidedly grown-up dilemma.

When news breaks, you turn to people you trust to tell you what’s happening. Rhiannon Ally has anchored the news in major cities across the country. Millions have trusted her to give them accurate news and help them process the tragedies and celebrate the triumphs. But for Rhiannon, her most important – and favorite – job, is being a mom.

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Go Cubs Go Baseball’s Never Give Up Story

by Marv Levy, illustrated by Rob Peters. Contributor: George Castle

It’s Been A Bear Being A Cubs Fan!

That’s how Grandpa Bruno tells his two cubby-bear grandchildren about waiting, and waiting, and waiting for a World Series for many decades. But Bruno also showed a lot of patience and love. “Never give up!” he kept telling them.

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Book review: ‘Finding My Father’s Voice, A Baseball Love Story’

Review by Al Yellon

You might recall that in 2013, I wrote this article about Leigh Ann Walker, whose dad Verlon “Rube” Walker was a Cubs coach from 1961-70. He died of leukemia in 1971, just before the season started, a year in which he would have realized his dream of becoming Cubs pitching coach.

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Finding My Father’s Voice A Baseball Love Story

by Leigh Ann Walker with Chuck Carlson

Who Was Verlon “Rube” Walker?

There has been an emptiness in Leigh Ann Walker’s life for as long as she can remember. Her father, Verlon “Rube” Walker, spent years in the Chicago Cubs organization, first as a player in the minor leagues and then as a coach for the major league club. He had developed a reputation as a trusted and effective coach with a dry sense of humor who put everyone at ease. He was a “man of integrity,” one of the “good guys” in baseball.

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The Search For Your Best Furever Friend An Animal Alphabet Adventure

by Julie Snodgrass with Anne

Mother-in-law, daughter-in-law co-authors tell kids, “It’s okay to have more than one best friend!”

What happens when two elementary school educators who are mother-in-law and daughter in-law, team up to write a book for young children about friends? What happens when they decide that it’s never too early to communicate a very important message to even the youngest children? The result of this teamwork is the new children’s board book, "The Search For Your Best Furever Friend, An Animal Alphabet Adventure" by Julie Snodgrass (formerly Martucci) and Anne Martucci with illustrations by Rob Peters.

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Mayor Sly and The Magic Bow Tie A Kansas City Adventure

by Aja James, with Audrey Masoner and Sly James

Kansas City Mayor Sly James will leave a literary as well as a political legacy.

Daughter Aja James has seen to that, making her dad the star of a new children’s picture book, “Mayor Sly and the Magic Bow Tie: A Kansas City Adventure,” highlighting the history of their hometown. Through the magic of his trademark bow tie, the former mayor takes young readers back through time for a tour of his favorite locations and landmarks and introduces many of the historical figures who’ve left their imprint.

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