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Ten Little Puppies

My Counting and Colors Book

by The Editors of Ascend Books

$5.99 USD / $6.99 CAN
Dogs are man's (and kids!) best friend, and these little best friends want to jumpstart your little one's educational journey. Ten Little Puppies is a counting and colors book to help young readers identify common colors and counting from one to ten. And it's all with the help of some incredibly cute and furry friends!

Do you have a favorite puppy?

A portion of the proceeds will go to helping homeless animals find forever homes.

Tiny Tutors

What is the Tiny Tutors Series?

Tiny Tutors Series is a line of children’s books published by Ascend Books with the help of educators and child development experts. These books are designed to be simple for parents to use as they help build their children’s foundation of skills that they’ll carry all through life. The Tiny Tutor Series helps build skills in reading, counting, color identification, coping, and so much more! Be sure to look for the latest books in the Tiny Tutors Series to help your child build the cornerstone skills they’ll need to succeed as they grow and learn.

Ten Little Puppies


Children, Tiny Tutor Series
Publication Date
December 2019
Board Book
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5" x 5.5"
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