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Fall 2024

Put the Ponies in the Barn

Boomer and Sooner Pull Their Schooner to the SEC

by Toby Rowland

$18.95 USD / $22.95 CAN
Boomer and Sooner are back! The highly anticipated sequel to Unhitch the Wagon, The Story of Boomer and Sooner has arrived. In Put the Ponies in the Barn, Boomer and Sooner Pull Their Schooner to the SEC, the famed ponies have a new mission, to gather all their new friends in their new conference and bring them back to The Palace on the Prairie. Sooner fans of all ages will delight in following the ponies adventure throughout the South and the East meeting soon-to-be rivals along the way.

Author Toby Rowland, Voice of the Sooners, has done it again with this exciting and colorful tale of Boomer and Sooner conquering their new quest and entering a new era. Just like with Unhitch the Wagon, The Story of Boomer and Sooner, the rhyming verse and delightful illustrations of Put the Ponies in the Barn, Boomer and Sooner Pull Their Schooner to the SEC, will have children asking to read it again and again. It is a must have in any Sooner collection and on every kid’s room bookshelf as this new era begins at the University of Oklahoma.
  • Everyone who loved Unhitch the Wagon, will want to have the sequel!
  • All Sooner fans are excited about the new era beginning in 2024 as Oklahoma enters the SEC. This children’s book grabs onto that excitement and introduces young and old to many of the new mascots and traditions they’re about to encounter in their new conference.
  • The book teaches a great lesson about setting goals and making dreams come true.
  • It is a must-have for any Sooner Collection in this historic year.
  • The target audience is all fans of the Oklahoma Sooners. This is the children’s book and great gift for any OU fan who has kids or grandkids. It will also be a keepsake for Sooner fans of all ages.
  • Author Toby Rowland’s platform as “Voice of the Sooners” gives great publicity for the book through his radio shows and game broadcasts and brings an extra cache to the authenticity of the book.
  • An Officially Licensed book of The University of Oklahoma.

Put the Ponies in the Barn
Fall 2024

About the Author

Toby Rowland

Behind the microphone at University of Oklahoma sporting events, Toby Rowland is the two-time Emmy Award winning “Voice of the Sooners!” His enthusiastic and unique style is unmistakable and popular with Crimson and Cream fans. He is the host of “T-Row in the Morning Show” on The Ref Sports Radio Network and has hosted numerous television and radio shows for Sooner Sports TV, FOX Sports, ESPN, ESPN Radio and the Sooner Radio Network. Put the Ponies in the Barn, Boomer and Sooner Pull Their Schooner to the SEC is Toby’s second book following on the heels of his tremendously successful children’s book debut with Unhitch the Wagon, the Story of Boomer and Sooner. His writing has long been treasured by Sooner Nation through his beloved “Scenesetters” before every OU football game. Toby lives in Piedmont, Oklahoma, with his wife, Jenni. They have three children, Trevor, Payton and Chloe.


Publication Date
Fall 2024
Hardcover with 4 color dust jacket, full color illustrations
Trim Size
8” x 10.5”
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